Letos se nam bo na festivalu pridružila hrvaška skupina LARP ekspertov po imenu Terrible Creations. Za vas bodo pripravili 5 LARP iger, ki so primerne tako za začetnike kot stare mačke.

Terrible creations (KLIK) so dizajnerska kolektiva, ki ustvarja, organizira in vodi LARP igre. Skupaj sodelujejo od leta 2014, njihove individualne izkušnje pa so dosti večje. Njihovo prvo skupno delo, “Famiglia Bonifacio”, je bila številčno igrana na veliko festivalih v različnih državah.

Terrible Creations

Terrible Creations

Igre, ki jih za nas pripravljajo so naslednje:


Bus Stop

A random bus stop. Complete strangers happen to be in same place at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?

A humorous game based on acting improvisation. Players are unusual individuals starting a casual conversation.

Number of players: up to 9

Duration: 2h


Choosing the Viking raid leader

The raiding time of year is getting near and it is time to choose the warrior that will lead it. Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Can you convince the rest of the warriors that you should be the one to lead? Be careful, for the final decision is made by the Seer!
A roleplaying and storytelling game. Players will take roles of Viking warriors that have to make a mutual decision on which one of them will lead them on the next raid.

Number of players: 5-10

Duration: 2h



Famiglia Bonifacio: The Evening Before

Don Angelo Bonifacio has called a special meeting. With what purpose? The tension is rising as the top of the criminal organisation receives news that will push them to the brink of destruction.

Immerse yourself into a story placed in Italian mob family in the USA at the end of 1920’s. The game takes you to a tense meeting of mafia leaders that could define the future of the famiglia Bonifacio.

Number of players: 6

Duration: 2h


Love is Blue

A psychopath kidnapped and imprisoned six completely ordinary people. Not everyone will survive. Who will manage to get out and how?

A psychological thriller with elements of horror. Players will take the roles of kidnapped people fighting for their lives.

Number of players: 6

Duration: 2h



North and South are on the brink of war and the druids have gathered on the neutral territory to weave their fate. What decision will they make?

A roleplaying and storytelling game. Players will take the roles of druids who have to decides the fate of the two kingdoms.

Number of players: 3 or 5

Duration: 1h